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Addiction, loss and violence

jeg Kan snakke dansk men engelsk er nemmer får mig Can I talk about drug and drinking addiction here same with violence from school both physically and mentally? Same with loss?



Thank you for your letter. It is very brave of you to shine a light upon the issues you raise.

Bryd Tavsheden is an organization which guides and supports young people who are victims of psychical or psychological violence from either a partner or a member of the family.

You mention drug and drinking addiction. If it is you who is the addicted one, I will recommend you to contact misbrugsportalen.dk for guidance. If is it your parents, TUBA.dk is an organization which helps children of addicts.

Bornungesorg.dk is an organization which helps young people who has experienced a loss in the near family. If you have experienced a loss or know someone close to you who is affected by a loss, bornungesorg.dk can help you.

You also mention physical and psychological violence at school. I will recommend you to talk about the violence with a teacher you feel comfortable with.

You are always welcome to contact us at our chat service. We are open from 4PM-7PM Monday to Friday.

I wish you all the best,